We are located at seashore in a privileged, quiet and magical beach call ”Pocitas”, in the residential area of the town of Mancora, “Mancora Chico”. Mancora is located on the Panamericana Norte (Peru), 1165 km from Lima (south) and 120 km north from the border with Ecuador.

Distance from Sunset Suites Boutique to:

  • Mancora Town: 3 kms / 5 minutes
  • El Ñuro: 17 kms
  • Cabo Blanco: 22 kms
  • Punta Sal: 25 kms
  • Airports:
  • Talara: 100 kms
  • Tumbes: 160 kms
  •  Piura: 220 kms

How to get here:

By vehicle, by the North Panamerican highway that crosses Peru and continues to Ecuador. Sleeper bus from Lima direct to Mancora (14 hrs approx.). Airplane, 1hr20 flight from Lima (Talara, Tumbes and Piura).